About Anneal Technology

Company Profile

Anneal Technology Inc. was established in HsinChu Science Park  in 2006. Anneal is an IP-Based telecom company dedicated to developing innovative and competitive worldwide  communication products. Anneal is a Research and Development (R&D) driven company and System Integrator.

Anneal products include (1) APBX series – IP PBX for SME and Enterprises, (2) MOCA series – Compact IP PBX for SME, (3) Smart Home series – IoT based products for Home security and Home communications, (4) Skype Gateway series – Skype based trunk to interface with IP PBX or Traditional PABX for Skype communication, (5) IP Phone series and (6) IP Gateway series – dedicated for multichannel FXS/FXO products.  All-in-One design concept is used to simplify the user’s operation. And rich features are provided in our products.

Technical Expertise

Anneal Employee are veterans from Bell Laboratories (AT&T),  Bell Communications Research (Bell Core) and ITRI. Most of our R&D and marketing teams hold Ph. D. or Master’s degrees from reputable universities and have solid knowledge, experiences, skills and know-how of leading technologies in the communication industry. Our expertise are in developing and integrating carrier communication products – designed FXS/FXO card, V5 processor card, CPU card, Narrow band Data card (Nx64k), ISDN card, E1 card, ADSL/G.SHDSL card, Access Gateway (VoIP) Processor, etc. Now, we are dedicated in the area of IP PBX, Skype, Video Conference, IoT Smart Home.

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