Smart Home Gateway

  • SmartHG-700 provides Smart Home Security and  built-in IP PBX functions.
  • SmartHG-700 can work with WiFi-DI (Digital Input) and WiFi-DIO (Digital Input/Output) devices to integrate emergency button, Smoke/CO detectors, Door/Window Magnet Contact, PIR, Indoor Siren, Gas shutoff valve, Power plug, etc. for home security.
  • When alarm/alert condition occur, the messages will be pushed to smart phones. If emergency, will also call the stored telephone number or Police station.
  • SmartHG-700 provides built-in IP PBX to support Voice and Video communications for Home and SOHO users. Smart phones with SIP APP can be configured to have an extension number for voice or video calls from anywhere in the world. Phone calls are free through the Internet.
  • SmartHG-700 uses MQTT (Message Queue for Telemetry Transport) protocol with WiFi-DI,   WiFi-DIO and other WiFi monitor/control devices.
  • Support user friendly Web pages for Local and Remote access to SmartHG-700.



CPU / RAM ARM Cortex Quad Core @ 1.2GHz / 512MB
Interfaces 1 10/100Mbps Ethernet Port
1 USB Port
Power Supply DC 12V / 1A
Operation Environment 0 to 40 degree Centigrade, up to 90% Relative Humidity
Dimension 124x120x32 mm
Software Features
Smart Home Software OpenHAB 
Message Transmit Protocol MQTT Protocol


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